Shopping, Shopping and More Shopping!!

Thousands of customers come through our door every year and more often then not they have a story or two to tell about all the places they visited before they finally came to AST. So many live right here in St John's county but still think by travelling to tile row on Phillips highway or Orlando or even Miami they might find that "special something" that they just haven't found yet. I'm going to let you in on a big secret that none of the tile suppliers want you to know, we can all buy the same materials from all the same suppliers anywhere in the U.S.! Thats right, I said it! So as your travelling around from big box store to wholesale supplier to carpet store to AST and you see all the wonderful, strange and ugly tile's that come with your travels know this, the only thing that seperates all major tile & stone suppliers is what they choose to show in their showrooms.

The advantage AST has over the goliath suppliers in Jacksonville is that those suppliers show the same materials in all of the showrooms throughout the country. Shoppers in Detroit or Nashville or Dallas are being shown the same materials as the shoppers here in Jacksonville. So the question is...why? Are the people shopping in the North looking for the same look and feel of tile as the people in the South?

What seperates AST from all of the rest is that when we visit these manufacturers showrooms, were looking for materials that work best in our market. We painstakingly go through every mosaic, every tile and every stone, making sure they meet our criteria: aesthetics, quality, price and availability! Of the hundreds of options these suppliers may have to offer, we will likely only allow a handfull of their lines in our showroom. This way when you finally visit AST what you see is a massive showcase of the materials your actually looking for (and a lot of really cool stuff you never knew existed!) Your not wasting your time sifting through board after board after board of boring dark dingy beige ordinary cheap looking tiles. Supplier after supplier, salesperson after salesperson, driving all over gods green earth, wasting gas and valuable time, hoping that the next place will have what your looking for. Does that sound familiar?

Come to AST, see the best of the best, work with the best of the best and join the thousands of satisfied customers in discovering what is the finest collection of the world most beautiful tile, stone & mosaics and know that every second you spend with us is worth it!

We Truly Are A World Away From Ordinary!!